Sarasota, FL
Engineering Manager & Developer

Voalte Development Kit – Android, iOS and JavaScript libraries used to create applications using the Voalte Platform

  • Engineering Manager:
    • Led the cross-functional team of server (Erlang) and client (Android, iOS and Web) developers tasked to deliver the first release of the Development Kit
    • Worked with internal and external customers to develop new features
    • Designed methodology for developing robust releases for both internal and external customers
    • Led the Voalte Platform performance improvement initiative
    • Led investigations of major issues in the field


Voalte Platform – hospital communication system, supporting secure text and voice communication, plus medical alarm delivery for hospital employees.

  • Engineering Manager:
    • Led one of two cross-functional teams of server (Erlang) and client (Android, iOS and Web) developers tasked to deliver the first release of Voalte Platform
    • Presented monthly demos of new functionality added while the system was in in development
    • Oversaw the introduction of the system into hospital usage
    • Worked with other departments to triage the monumental amount of work
    • Continued being heavily involved in the Android client development, including programming and code reviews


Voalte Platform Android (Java, JSON) – Android client for the Voalte Platform system

  • Lead developer:
    • Developed the new Android client as part of the company’s complete re-write, from the ground up, of the communication system
      • Implemented proprietary communications protocol in Java
      • Led design and development of application protocol
      • Designed and implemented the Java and Android client architecture, later providing architectural guidance to iOS and Web implementations
      • Implemented a server using the Java protocol library, to mock functionality while the real server was still being built out
    • Implemented complete prototype client to demonstrate the new platform, supporting user registration and contact management
    • Provided technical direction for the other Android developers
SRI International
St. Petersburg, FL
Software Engineer III

Regional Domain Awareness System (RDAS) (Java, XML) – distributed system providing data federation, search, entitlement and transformation capabilities to multi-nation groups which collaborate to share their domain awareness picture. Uses web services and JMS for communication, leveraging the SIMON platform and running as a group of OSGi bundles in Apache Karaf.

  • Developer:
    • Designed and implemented the Brokered Search subsystem, which provides the federated query capability by orchestrating several other subsystems within the local node, and the query service in remote nodes
    • Designed the query service interface, based on the system data model


Robust Automatic Transcription of Speech (RATS) (Python, BASH) – system that extracts speech data from low-quality (noisy, low amplitude, etc) recordings, including sections with speech, languages used, the number of speakers, identification of speakers and keyword search

  • Developer:
    • Integrated new speaker identification algorithms into the baseline system
    • Improved software quality of prototype research code by applying software engineering principles: removed code duplication, streamlined data flow, optimized for speed and efficiency, added compartmentalization of data and functions, improved readability and documentation, introduced version control
    • Expanded scope of the testing framework using Robot Framework


Social Constructs In Language (SCIL) (Java, XML, JSON) – web service front-end for an existing speech transcript data analysis system back-end; allows analysts to run conversation transcripts through a variety of algorithms to automatically discern social roles and group cohesion

  • Sole developer:
    • Developed servlet implementing government interface (specified in WSDL format) which controls the back-end and converts data from the back-end output format (JSON) to XML and from XML to the back-end input format (TDF)
    • Developed client to exercise and test the web service
    • Successfully deployed system on an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine at customer site and passed all acceptance tests


National Training Education Resource (NTER) platform / National Weatherization Training Platform (NWTP) (Java, XML, Atom, PubSubHubbub, PHP, SQL) – enables instructors to create and publish online courses, and students to enroll in and complete them; built using the Liferay Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) portlet platform and Ilias Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Developer:
    • Added Activity Stream-based newsfeed functionality to publish server events
    • Created Liferay portlet to interface with feeds in the Atom publishing format (parsing, converting, persisting, etc)
    • Developed J2EE implementation of a hub as specified by the PubSubHubbub feed publish/subscribe protocol
    • Added reporting capability by integrating the Jasper reporting system with the Ilias baseline


Smart Integration Manager Ontologically Networked (SIMON)/Maritime Domain Awareness System (MDAS) (Java, XML, XSD, XSLT, Python, JAXB, CXF, Tomcat, Cougaar, Jini, Hibernate) – large, distributed Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based sensor system built on a scalable, custom platform using open standards

  • System architect: designed overall system, including the SOA platform and a number of the component services
  • Lead of project platform team (2-4 people): developed first three iterations of the platform over 2 years and successfully demonstrated them to the government contract officers
  • Lead of knowledge engineering team (2-3 people): created system data models which defined all data produced or consumed by the various services
  • Lead of infrastructure team (1-2 people): created the build system and testing environment; managed collaboration and organizational tools (code repository, wiki, calendar, IM, etc)


ManTech International
Sarasota, FL
Staff Software Engineer

RUFIS (C, Python, Perl, HTML, X-Midas script) – classified signal processing application, part of a large SOA system; consisted of signal processing core, sensor interface and reporting system interface

  • Team lead (2-3 people): Oversaw system development and integration of the sub-components to successful deployment on two military bases and maintained the database web interface on the side

NSim (Java, XML, XSD, SQL) – simulation architecture, platform and reference system; distributed, consisting of controller GUI (live map and playback controls) and subscribing clients; created to allow realistic testing of a radar AI system to be deployed on a USAF RC-135 Rivet Joint aircraft

  • Sole developer (through first release), team lead (1-3 people), customer liaison:
    • Developed the GUI component used to create, edit and play scenarios from persistent storage. Events are displayed on a map and broadcast over the network.
    • Developed data model, protocol, network debug tool, and plugins to live AI system which simulated the aircraft sensors
    • Successfully deployed system at customer site.

CCSI (Java, C++, Python, XML, HTML) – classified data source abstraction and aggregation system: pulls in data from a variety of sources and makes it available via a number of APIs; distributed SOA, with clients connecting to one of multiple aggregation servers, each containing multiple services

  • Developer: implemented many of the system services and a reference Swing Java client

Watcher (Python, C, HTML, BASH) – web front-end for a legacy resource allocation system

  • Sole developer: grew application from prototype into a mature application

X-Midas (C, C++) – signal processing platform (akin to Matlab), for Linux

  • Developer: added tab-completion to the command line interface and fixed bugs


Argint Consulting
Gainesville, FL

Designed budget websites for local businesses and organizations

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)

Focus areas: machine learning, computer networks, statistics

Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)


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