Gabriel Jiva Resume

Hi, I'm a software engineering leader who enjoys both the technical and human aspects of the job. My technical experience is broad and varied, having worked in everything from embedded to cloud systems and from backends to dynamic UIs. On the people side, I'm a champion for productive culture, clear and precise communication, effective collaboration, smart organization, and productive mentorship.
Remote, Sarasota, FL
Sr. Engineering Manager
Since the integration of Voalte into Hillrom Care Communications in 2019, I’ve been leading the team responsible setting the architectural and technological direction for software development, including pioneering new cross-product initiatives, and technical integration between the various departments and products.
  • Designed and led the integration between the Hillrom cloud platform and Voalte Mobile to deliver patient vitals
  • Designed and led the introduction of a centralized system bus
  • Championed a refined long-term vision for the business unit
  • Led a new cloud deployment initiative and implemented its SMS and tablet integrations
  • Designed and led the next-generation, cross-product communication infrastructure
  • Championed and oversaw the migration to containers
  • Created an initiative to break down communication silos
Remote, Sarasota, FL
Engineering Manager

As both a senior technical and people leader in a small company, I had a hand in almost all facets of engineering at Voalte, across platforms, disciplines, and software tiers.

  • Served as initial client developer for the Voalte Platform
    • Created the architecture for the Android apps
    • Implemented large parts of the Android apps, including the foundations
    • Provided technical direction for the other client developers
    • Designed much of the communication protocols
  • Managed several teams over 6 years
    • One of two cross-functional server (Erlang) and client (Android, iOS and Web) teams tasked to deliver the first release of Voalte Platform
    • The DevOps team, including infrastructure and tools
    • The cross-functional SDK team, which I also created, to provide external APIs
    • The cross-functional Diagnostics team, which I also created, to investigate field issues
  • Led major initiatives
    • Stabilization of early releases and introducing tools and methodology to improve robustness
    • Overhaul of the Voalte directory to drastically improve performance and flexibility
    • Driving important new capabilities, such as EMR integration, SSO, and hospital simulation
SRI International
St. Petersburg, FL
Software Engineer III

Since SRI is primarily a government contractor and works on a project-basis, this position provided me the opportunity to work on a wide array of new development projects of varying sizes, scopes, and nature.

  • Tech lead on SIMON (Java, XML, Tomcat, Hibernate), a distributed platform for aggregation and analysis of Navy sensor data:
    • Designed platform and a number of services
    • Led platform team, which evolved the platform and implemented core services
    • Led knowledge engineering team, which defined data models and APIs
    • Led infrastructure team, which owned the build and test systems, and collaboration tools
  • Developer:
    • RDAS (Java, XML) – distributed system based on OSGi bundles in Apache Karaf; implemented search
    • RATS (Python, BASH) – speech transcription system; helped productize what was a research project
    • SCIL (Java, WSDL, JSON) – transcript analyzer; created web service frontend
ManTech International
Sarasota, FL
Staff Software Engineer

I worked for ManTech’s Real-time Systems Laboratory, which developed primarily signal processing applications, and ancillary data management services.

  • Developer:
    • X-Midas (C, C++) a signal processing platform; like a Matlab for Linux
    • CCSI (Java, C++, Python, XML, HTML) a data aggregation platform; distributed via services
  • Team lead:
    • RUFIS (C, Python, Perl, HTML, X-Midas script) – a signal processing service in a service constellation
    • NSim (Java, XML/XSD, SQL) – distributed simulation platform; also designed and implemented initial release


Argint Consulting
Gainesville, FL

Designed budget websites for local businesses and organizations while in grad school.

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)

Focus areas: machine learning, computer networks, statistics

Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
Remote, Sarasota, FL
Connection-Oriented Messaging and Signaling in Mobile Health Networks

As part of a team, designed and implemented methods to create a robust communications channel over an unreliable wireless medium.

The bulk of my work was around connection management: responding to quickly to connection interruptions, buffering data, and re-establishing the connection.

US Patent #9,749,825