About Me

I’ve been working in software, mainly as a tech lead or people manager, for over 15 years. As a developer, my experience has been mostly backend and a good deal of Android, but have done a bit of everything — from embedded to distributed to React. As a leader, I’ve supported a variety of teams: product engineering, (Dev)Ops, API/SDK, platform, and architecture. (I tend to gravitate toward foundational work.)

Most recently, I’ve worked at Toast, the operating system for restaurants, where I led the takeout & delivery org, and Hillrom, where I managed the software architecture team for the Care Communications division. Hillrom was a medical technology company that got acquired by Baxter in 2021, and made everything from smart beds to nurse call systems to robot surgeons

Before that I was at Voalte, a startup which made awesome hospital communication software, and which Hillrom acquired in 2019. That’s where I got into management, and led a number of teams, wearing several hats over the amazing years I was there.

In my youth, I was at SRI International — a non-profit R&D institute that invented the computer mouse, Siri, and a lot of other things, on top of playing an important role in the conception of the Internet itself.

And my first job was at MRSL, where I learned that leadership was a thing at which I was good, and also Linux.