How To Control XBMC and WMC From The Same Remote

My HTPC setup uses a GP-IR02BK Windows MCE remote to control XBMC on Windows 7. In order to use the remote to launch XBMC, I installed a wonderful script for Authotkey that I found on an XBMC forum thread, written by EliteGamer360. This worked great until I got a CableCARD and started using Windows Media Center (WMC) for live TV and XBMC for videos. Now, the remote couldn’t start the former since Autohotkey would start the latter when the Green Start Button (GSB) was pressed on it.

Green Start Button on the GP-IR02BK

Green Start Button on the GP-IR02BK

So, I modified the Autohotkey script so that when the GSB is pressed, it presents a dialog box asking if you want to watch videos or live TV, then launches XBMC for the former, or WMC in live TV mode for the latter. It also has some fixes for the remote buttons:

  • The power button (which presses ‘s’) now closes WMC
  • The guide button (which presses ‘c’) now sends Ctrl-g, to bring the guide up
  • Pressing the GSB within WMC will toggle full-screen mode

There are a lot of other improvements that could be made, but I spent a couple of hours on this already, so… later revisions.

If you missed the link above, you can download the script from my Github page, as well as the XBMC keymap configuration for the remote.