Hi, I'm a software engineering leader who enjoys both the technical and human aspects of the job. My technical experience is broad and varied, having worked in everything from embedded to cloud systems and from backends to dynamic UIs. On the people side, I'm a champion for productive culture, clear and precise communication, and supportive mentorship. I have 17 years of experience in mostly leadership roles, including 8 years in management, where I've crafted the technical vision and consistently driven organizations to meet the challenging goals along the way. The problems I love most are the hard ones, and my passion is creating an environment in which brilliant problem solvers can thrive, and then supporting them to succeed.
Remote, Sarasota, FL
Sr. Engineering Manager

Hillrom is a major med-tech company with a diverse portfolio, ranging from smart beds and instruments to on-prem and cloud software systems. My previous employer, Voalte, was acquired into its Care Communications business unit in 2019.

  • Managed the enterprise architecture team for Care Communications
    • Set the unified architectural and technological direction for the business unit’s software development, totaling ~150 developers
    • Selected the team members: a dozen tech leads and architects embedded in teams throughout the business unit
    • Created the integration roadmap for the 4 mature product lines, which were developed independently and exist as separate departments
    • Created broad, cross-departmental initiatives and worked with leaders of component projects to maintain alignment with the broader vision
    • Organized design summits, which yielded major advances while also being great team-building activities
  • Leveraged centralized role to affect organizational change
    • Worked with corporate leaders on changes to attract higher quality talent, mitigate counterproductive policies, and improve training curricula
    • Worked with departmental leaders to increase retention and productivity by placing key engineers in more effective and fulfilling roles
    • Established new colllaboration norms, using Slack, Confluence, and guilds, to improve communication and break down departmental silos
    • Created centralized knowledge hub to enable simple discovery of points of contact, APIs, design documents, and other helpful data and minimize reliance on tribal knowledge
    • Created missing guilds/communities of practice — for tech leads, web developers, and Kubernetes development
  • Led major design initiatives
    • Introduction of a centralized system bus based on RabbitMQ for data sharing between all products, starting with delivering patient vitals data from the Hillrom Digital Health Platform to the Voalte Platform
    • Creation of in-house video communications PaaS (based on SIP and WebRTC) and integration into multiple product lines
    • Introduction of Kubernetes across the business unit, including the migration of legacy on-prem systems
    • Adoption of FHIR as the common data model for all intercommunication
    • Inception of two brand-new products (implemented in React, React Native, and Node.js serverless functions) and integration into the enterprise architecture
Remote, Sarasota, FL
Engineering Manager

Voalte was a startup that brought VoIP and chat messaging to healthcare, growing from roughly one dozen engineers when I started to three dozen, distributed globally, when it was acquired. As both a senior technical and people leader, I had a hand in almost all facets of engineering, across platforms, disciplines, and software tiers.

  • Created and managed multiple teams of up to 12 engineers
    • Three cross-functional server and client development teams (Erlang, Android, iOS, and web/JavaScript)
      1. mainline feature development
      2. SDK: provided mobile and RESTful APIs to third parties
      3. Diagnostics: investigated and triaged field issues
    • The DevOps team, including infrastructure and tools
  • Championed a culture for enabling success, with an extremely low turnover rate
    • Was a strong proponent for servant-leadership, transparency, and a supportive environment based on freedom and responsibility
    • Crafted a majority of departmental policies and advocated for Engineering at the corporate level
    • Organized the annual Engineering Summit—a week-long in-person event for all Voalte developers, globally
    • Was heavily involved in recruiting, including crafting the interview process and interviewing most candidates
  • Led major initiatives
    • Development of the custom client/server streaming communication protocols (JSON, MsgPack, WebSocket)
    • Development of the client architecture, and its implementation for Android (Java, C, Kotlin)
    • Stabilization of early releases and introducing tools and methodology to improve robustness
    • Various integrations with important partners, including introduction of SSO login (SAML 2 and OAuth 2)
    • Fifth-year overhaul of the system backend to drastically improve performance and flexibility (in-memory graph cache, GraphQL APIs)
SRI International
St. Petersburg, FL
Software Engineer III

SRI is a research institution, and so I worked on a wide array of new development projects of varying sizes, scopes, and nature.

I was tech lead for three teams (platform, data models, and infrastructure) on the SIMON project, which was a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for aggregating sensor data, and a developer on other projects, working mainly in Java and Python, using Tomcat, XML, JSON, and WSDL.

ManTech International
Sarasota, FL
Staff Software Engineer

I worked for ManTech’s Real-time Systems Laboratory, which developed primarily signal processing applications, and ancillary data management services.

I served as tech lead for NSim, a distributed simulation platform, and as a developer on the X-Midas and CCSI projects, programming in C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, and working with XML/XSD/HTML.

Argint Consulting
Gainesville, FL

Designed budget websites for local businesses and organizations while in grad school.

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)

Focus areas: machine learning, computer networks, statistics

Remote, Sarasota, FL
Connection-Oriented Messaging and Signaling in Mobile Health Networks

As part of a team, designed and implemented methods to create a robust communications channel over an unreliable wireless medium.

The bulk of my work was around connection management: responding to quickly to connection interruptions, buffering data, and re-establishing the connection.

US Patent #9,749,825


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